Reviews for "Children's world"

Clownin' Around

Funny, yes...but when it got to the woman still powdering and changing his corpse...egads man. I think I nearly choked to death. GOOD ONE!

Better watch it though, jack nicholson might sue you. He's tough, that guy...


The music made it hilarious!

Just plain scary....

Enough said.....

Short n' sweet!

WHOAH! This is just SCARY!! Sucks to be THAT kid! Well done flash with good animation quality and sound! But damn, that killer clown was just FREAKY! However, I did laugh a little at the end when it turns out to be the Joker from Batman. Btw, screw all the 13-16 year olds who bash this! High Schoolers are retarded anyway!


I haved heard that song in another pages, hey i love the clown.. but it wasnt too creepy..
i prefer more creepy clowns.. i FUCKING love CLownS

- George..