Reviews for "Warzone Madness"

This is amazing. maggy looks fucking awesome, jesus is jesus, hank is badass, and tricky...what the hell is he doing? Is he skateboarding in the air?

Fantastic! :D

great drawing! i love the shading/light in the enviroment, and in the faces of the protagonists here, and i also love how you drew hank's figure, with his nice trenchcoat, and how you protrayed his agile and fast look.
i also love how you drew jeebus, with an expression like ''what will we do now, hank?'' on his face, his cool sunglasses, and holding his big sword, ready to go on a battle.
i must also add that the MAG agent surely looks huge, muscular, and menacing, really nice details on his hands, and face/scars/wounds, great work!
i also like the other characters, like the zombie agents,a nd tricky the clown.

really, a great pic, that emphasizes on the universe of madness.
can you describe the madness world in one pic? yes, in this one.

great job, keep it up, and keep drawing, you rock!

This is really awesome!

epic art ;)

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