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Reviews for "NS - Corruption Of My Mind"



netty-swobb responds:



sounds like you've been pretty creative. got a pretty brutal touch, which is always nice. badass tune, i like it

netty-swobb responds:

Awesome! Thank you :D!


The drums sound badass as hell. The whole song is cool as fuck. Dig this bro.\m/

Current Score

4.03 / 5.00 (+ 0.095)

netty-swobb responds:

yeah, i spent alot of time of the drums. Thanks!


Just epic!!!
keep up the good work

netty-swobb responds:

Awesome thanks!


Awesome song bud.
Guitar seems really mushed/crushed, I know it's supposed to be that way to some degree but still.
Also make sure you actually play out all of those little notes so they don't mush up and you can actually hear them in more detail.
Drums are awesome! I don't much care for the snare, but still haha.
Mastering could be better and the mixing makes it hard to hear with the fast notes, but it's still great.

netty-swobb responds:

I may remix/remaster this bastard when i get round to adding vocals to it. But for now it can stay like this :)

Thanks for checkin \m/