Reviews for "Organ Jaws ~P~"

Fits the final boss theme well.

Even if the boss is a tank, it still works. Awsome piece of work.


it DOES signal the final boss

So amazing

Shows that its the final boss, and its your darkest hour, beggining. appocolyps now.

realy nice

good boss music: caotic, evil, demoniac. inpresive.
the "litle thing is present... realy close but I cant give you a 10/10... maybe on an other song? its not realy atractive... its repetitive its long and a litle boring at least I give you a 9/10 4/5 for this one (you can say thanks I use the 1st hear on a song ><

Entrancing and somewhat harmonic

This song itself does indeed make good for a last boss scene but against a giant tank? Well if the tank itself was somewhat in a religous manner the song would be fitting. Still this is an excellent song. In a way these thoughts clouded my mind. "Death came to reap the souls of those whom seek to protect. Death can be stopped, yet never defeated. The innocent souls which death has reaped drives the heroes into anger and despair. Which gives them thy power to defy the laws of god: they can defeat death. So long as they've been driven to protect and avenge the souls they shall succeed with attrition. If they dare to defy death" Of course I have a vivid imagination of things, these were the thoughts I felt. Once again, keep up the good work.
P.S I don't entirely understand the meaning of attrition so don't flame me over it.