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Reviews for "TomCruiseStrikesBack pt2"

Very funny. Also amazing storyline.

This is my first time viewing this series and I think its so awesome. I love it. Gona go and view the rest. Obviously alot of time has gone into it! Thank you!


Yay┬┤Nightwish thats 10 for music. + A good song.
Well humor was decent and nothing else to say now.


i liked it but the voice acting was pretty lame.. a better mic wouldh ave made all the differnce.


This was a good flash, definitely. The drawings were good and the story was humorous. but i hav some tips, even though i liked it.

1) You should have made it more obvious that this is sorta a spoof. A stupid person would just think it's a bad movie and miss the humor.

2) It should have had a more ridiculous story. You have great art skills, but you should consider getting someone else to write the plot and dialogue.


PhallicMoose responds:

To both of your suggestions I say:

It's a movie about Tom Cruise in a space ship with Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfield and Bubba Sparxxx trying to take over the world. How much more ridiculous do want?!

Not bad

Somewhat repetitive...not bad. Definitly needs some more plot building for the next ep.