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Reviews for "TomCruiseStrikesBack pt2"

I liked it

The script was quite funny, unlike so many other wannabe comedies on NG. the graphics were tweened but to do all that FBF would be a biot and it worked well. not much else to say really.


Sorry found it very boring and I have a real problem with people using tweening over and over and over... sorry, oh ya if you want soem advice make one toon look at the other toon when thre talking to each other most of the time there eyes are not even close to looking at the other person.


nice, but animation sucks


You get all tens because you had a scene of a man defending his household with putties.

damn nice

the animation was a little eh, but who the hell cares really, it was good enough to not notice unless you payed really close attention, which i didn't because i have ADD and ......spoon.....o god a butterfly, lalala!!!!!

well i'm lookin forward to the last chapter, and i love ur witty sense of humor btw, good job all around