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Reviews for "TomCruiseStrikesBack pt2"

This is tied currently for your second-best flash!

That was hilarious. to me, its tied in 2nd place with "please stop strangling me". i LOVE the montage, and the puddies (is that how you spell it?) keep up the good work! p.s. it pisses me off when people creat accounts just to blam people. (as i write this, i currently have no submissions to newgrounds, but I'M WORKING ON QUITE A FEW!) i really look forward to part 3.


That was funny! I love the part where their in the NYC Dump! That was really freaking funny! The only thing I have a problem with is the sounds for the voices, not that they were bad, but they could have been louder. The music was great!


You are getting much better guys. both the voices and the lipsync was much better tha in part 1
and i really love the part in the dump XD


kinda funny, but.. i dunno...


2 for the puddies and 2 for the final countdown song.