Reviews for "Ermac Wins"

no comment

sorry but that was shit


why didnt you make a more original thing with this
all you did was recreate in crappy art style a fatallity i all
no jokes no story no spin
just this????
atleast the sound from the game was untouched.....
aw who cares it was crap

Caerm odse nto exits (what the fuck!?)

i thought his name has Ermac... o well i guees you just kant speel.(for all you dumasses[and there's a lot of em] that was sarcasim). how long did you work on that? i could make a better cartoon out of paintshop, and fuck if tom takes shit like your i might as well Paintshop+windows movie maker=Shitty shit still better than this


Very shitty.

It lasts about 6 seconds, and still you make it stink. I´m quite impressed about that actually.
Don´t you dare make another one!!

im sorry

that was pretty shitty. it appeared that no effort was put into it and if there was you should really give up making flash cartoons.