Reviews for "Ermac Wins"

ok....i'm going to be honest...that sucked .......

That was really crappy. The only reason I gave this a 4 was because the fatality was decent and cause i like mortal kombat. work on you're movies! you're lucky the fatality was ok, or I would have blamed the shit out of this thing!

Too short and very poorly done

It was just a 5 second clip saying "Finish Him" then "Ermac wins" as Ermac beats a clone of himself, these kind of things should be done using the actual sprites themselves and definitely shouldn't be done using stick figures. There wasn't much to it, 5 seconds and it was all over, it was a completely pointless flash movie.

Use the real sprites

If you're going to do MK3 Fatalities, which is a good idea, AT LEAST use the original sprites. Doing this would push your rating a lot higher.


I can't understand why i gave this crap this but what ever it sucked!!!!!

it sucks

that animation suckcs