Reviews for "Ermac Wins"


but neither the drawing, nor animation, nor "story" were even close too being decent here. The soud was okay, but it's not really like you made it since it was just audio from the game.


nyc one a stick figure showing exactly what ermac does


i would like to see more of these with all of the ninjas. except come up with your own fatality ideas and make the characters execute those. [make Scorpion kill Cage]

tut tut tut

You called me a bastard oh noo i better do the fatality again on you XD

shanethefox tut tut tut :P

Nice movie loved it to bits XD


That's one of the best stick-animations I've ever seen. o_o Great sound syncing with the movement of the characters. Try to make more like this, only, longer. Much longer.