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Reviews for "Number Twerve"

I want teh # twerve!!

Heh heh....ive had something like this happen to me when I was doing telemarketting. Some lady from china or japan or something. Anywho, funny stuffs man. Keep er up!

funny. twerve plz

I liked it. It was good animation, good sound, funny, and the "I like little kittens and bunnies and running in feilds of purple flowers" translating into swear words? I'm using that concept!

Cult hit at my school.

Hi. I enjoy Number Twerve

"Allo. I want Number Twerve"

"Would you like a number... 2?"

Nonono. I want Number Twerve."


This is a hit with my friends and I am sending it to them as we speak.


Sykohyko responds:

Hey glad you and your friends like the short. If you guys are interested you can get number twerve T-shirts at http://www.cafepress.com/flashtoonstore
thanks again!!


i watch this over and over again n its always funny goood job!!

this reminds me..

it kinda sounds like the phone calls group x does.