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Reviews for "Number Twerve"


are you armenian?

Very Nice

Oh my my... Can't think of any recomendation but I had to review it. Fucking hillarious.



Nice, great use of the one location.

When the car pulled up at the start the animation was fairly choppy as it faded from the text to the car and it didn't look too good.

What happened next was fairly obvious, as it was just a cliched drive-thru sketch with the guy not understanding the order. You still managed to pull it off though and I found myself laughing, which is a hard thing to do with that joke due to the amount of times it's been done. I also liked how you managed to repeat it over and over in a row without it growing old, which is what happens in most cases.

I liked how he got on the phone to his brother to ask him what number twerve was in American, it was a nice little joke by having the guy think that American was the name of the language and it was also funny how it sounded exactly the same when he said 'Twerve' and when he said 'Twelve'. It was also a nice little break by having the subtitles at the bottom to show you what was being said.

What happened next, I didn't expect, I was expecting the guy to then finally understand the order and that's what I thought the joke of the movie was going to be. I was pleased to see that it wasn't though and that you decided to continue it.

Again you used another cliched joke, but it still worked really well and again I found myself laughing at how the subtitles were on about such nice, innocent things, while in reality he was actually swearing. I also liekd how you had the screen saying 'many hours after he calmed down' come up and how afterwards he was still swearing away.

I liked how next his co-commentator from Sweet Mother Of Vartan turned up and made an order, I was expecting it to repeat the joke used before with him this time,but I was really pleased to see that you decided to do something different and it was a great laugh out loud joke, by showing the smashed up speaker and it was a great way of showing how angry the original guy had got.

Overall, it was a nice movie, it was funny to watch and despite it being an overdone theme you got it to work really well and the movie was consistently good throughout, there was never really a dull moment. It was great to see that you managed to pull off a good flash movie by only using the one location, it's very hard to make a good movie when you only use one location as there's not the most action involved, but you managed to pull it off, so well done. I was very pleased to see that this time there were no sound problems whatsoever, but perhaps you could have still had optional subtitles.

Anyway, well done, good job, keep up the good work.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


nice job i liked the graphics

that was the most aswesome video i saw u shuld write a sequal