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Reviews for "Number Twerve"

Scott French

There is a book by a man named Scott French entitled 'The Street Drug Game' - in this book, he speaks of being blasted on acid and doing the same thing. . . So true or not, its something that has happened to a lot of the machines.


not great,not horrible,sufficient i think


I'm sorry, I just didn't find that funny. I didn't even crack a smile, it was just a forgien guy trying to order a combo and being misunderstood. Nothing significantly different happened for most of it either, it was like watching a cartoon in a loop. I don't like giving all negative reviews unless an animation really deserves it so I guess I can say that the graphics were pretty good, you just need a better writer.


The idea was quite good, but they way it came out wasn't... all that great. I understood that it was meant to be funny, but I really didn't find it funny. And the fact that the guy understood it as 5 and 8, only made him seem retarded.

Oh well, it's not that bad.

Not Bad

I think you perhaps went short on the concept. Funny, but it didn't get me laughing too much.

Material-wise, you dinked around a little too much with irrelevant stuff. Number 8 came out of nowhere, unless you were trying to severely accent the drive thru guy as a complete idiot or totally apathetic. Should have played around more with the Number Twerve as Twelve even.

Last thing: was that white guy supposed to be Ted Kennedy?