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Reviews for "Number Twerve"

Great! Drive through movies are funny!

Nice work on this man in every aspect, and to me this was a good first choice for a review for the day. Well i liked this in every way, though there are some things i would have liked to see done differently, which i will explain later. Cool idea and all, theres not much else i can say here , soo here is my review!

The graphics were in my opinion the most impressive thing about this short movie. The drawings were superb in terms of detail, colour and overall look and style. The characters looked real to an extent, with kind of a cartoony flair. The detail in the cars and backrounds were quite good too. All of this shows great effort, and effort goes a long long way! The style of this was great, though the length could have been better. The animating style was wonderful, i hope you can make more movies like that. I didnt like however that you seemed to get lazy when you put in the "hours later notices" because they were only a simple black screen with plain text. You could have animated a little more in my opinion. Having said that i liked the idea and the presentation up until that point. The sound was great too, the radio voice was great,it really sounded as if he was speaking through one of those radios. The voice acting was all good actually, and the same goes for the sound effects.

Overall this was a really good movie, fun to watch and it would even be fun to listen to. Well i hope this isnt the last of your great movies that i see, keep making movies man!
~Two thumbs up! 4/5

very good

the graphics and sound were great, but i didnt like the end. Idk, it was good though, really good


Well done and great graphics. Nicely done.

cool flash man!

I loved every little thing about this flash! but you know it's preety amazing that people like that nix up other religons languages. but great flash man! Keep it up!


its amazing some people are that dumb.....good job