Reviews for "{MSX} Trancewave"

like it

Was definitly better the most of the other crap i've listened to today. Idk what you mean by messed up it all sounded great to me. Mabe not such high pitched beats in the future.

MSXOmega responds:

Well, if you look at my project file, then you'll see that a melody line was ignored, and also you hear static at random parts. :P But thanks, I appreciate it.

sounds familiar :)))

haha do I hear here the trancepad from z3ta+ ? =D
The song is nice (and you really did this on a flight? O.o lol respect^^)
2:18 is the best part and I got excited but after the "are you ready?"-vocal I got a little bit disappointed because there was nothing new =)


MSXOmega responds:

Yup, it's from z3ta, but with some Nwxus layered on top. And about the part after are you ready, there was a melody line there, but it didn't get rendered. D:

Liked it:)

It was great, kinda soothing. Thanks for sharing! 5/5 & 10/10. As for your fl studio, I had similar problems and to solve them I just used older projects of the song (I save new ver, every time I change something). You can try it.

MSXOmega responds:

I'll try that, thanks!



MSXOmega responds:



People say FL studio is a crappy music making program, but i use it. As lng as you know how to Tweak it, You can make it sounnd proffesional.

This is one great track for a rave/ Dance club area!

MSXOmega responds:

Yeah, I like FL Studio too. I honestly don't really see what people have against it, other than the influx of "new artists" making their first songs with it. I guess since the majority of people who use it are new, and their songs aren't that good, people automatically assume that the program is crappy. Thanks for the review!