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Reviews for "Afterliving"

very good

I liked it. It was very good! Got me thinkin' about stuff......n e way, loved it, its in my favs. ^_^

soccerlord8 responds:

Thanks there Vash.


The five for 'interactivity' is because you brought a tear to my eye with this one.

When the dying were asked what they wanted most, the majority said, 'to be remembered well'. Life does indeed go on, and we should remember the good times. This is what I got from your flash. And for that, I thank you.


I This was a rather great flash, very enmotional and really really well done! I was so impressed by the whole concept of it and the end was just great! You are really talented, I cant wait to see more from you! Im going to rate this highly because of great graphics and music! *claps* awesome artwork!

we are living forever and that´s the truth !

I can say only one thing: great work my friend !
and: with this video you´r touching my soul...
i love this work!


I sat in my chair for 15 minutes rethinking my life.

...i had no idea a flash could make me do that.