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Reviews for "Afterliving"


Wow. An inspiring video with an art style that, despite first impression, actually adds to the effect. That was beautiful, my friend.


that was so sad it made my cry but if got to say it just great


As I watched this the only thing I could think of was my dog. She was so beautiful and caring. She'd always come to you when you were sad, and she had always been there since I was very young... Though one fateful day everything changed.. The vet told us she had an uncurable tumor and at the end of the week we had to put her down... What is so horrible about thinking about her is that, even though it calms me to think of how happy we were together it saddens me to think that we won't have those times anymore. And knowing that someone else near to me, my grandpa, grandma or anyone else could go away at any second frightens me. Yet seeing this and how the soul of the recently passed would go around the world and witness all its wonders as well as go beyond our own existance into the deep beauty of the universe was amazing. It made me think... Though I'm not one to believe in heaven or any kind of creator (no offense to ANYONE around here) I feel that living is one step, dying is the other that we all must go through, and what is beyond that is yet to be discovered over and over by all who pass us. Thank you for bringing these tears of relief.
Wonderful flash

I really, truly, and honestly...

wish I had words to describe this.


thats... basicly all i can say