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Reviews for "Afterliving"


Genius genius genius genius, genius and genius. Did I mention genius? Everything about this WOW! What an awesome story this is a masterpiece the art style and music work perfectly with this! Thank goodness they put this on the front page!




Simply brilliant

I loved it! excellent flash.

well then...

so this is what it means to die in your eyes, a spirit re-living its memories forever, very deep, nice job!


What a beautiful interpretation of what really matters in life. I miss my father very much. It was comforting to watch this, and remember the fonder moments in our lives. I really love the soul flying throughout the universe scene. I think everyone has the same idea about this, and all my friends, relatives that I've had to part with are doing just that (= You brought some tears to my eyes, and have restored a little faith on my outlook towards humanity. Thank you kindly.