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Reviews for "Afterliving"


You touched my soul with this, thanks.


The point is, that it's beautiful.

The point isn't if you believe or not at all in an afterlife, after all, I'm a really inquisitive one, to the point to starting to think that just saying "I'm atheist and I think that there's anything up of the sky appart of starts, planets, [...] and finally, vacui" is the same that saying "I'm christian" or "I'm muslim". After all, it's there any kind of proof to what you'r saying?

The point is just that, it's beautiful. If you allow yourself to think for a moment that all those unique moments that makes a thing so fucked up like this one (Life) worth living, won't die, that they'r not going to dissapear, just fly away to somewhere, you'r giving yourself nothing but a moment of inner peace.

And some people, especially those who never believed in a "It's like this because it's", my kind of people, really some times need a second to stop asking questions even to themselves that may never have an answer, and feel, just feel that if there's anything close to the heaven, that if all those moments we loved, enjoyed and.. lived.. that if they arent gonna dissapear as we die, it would be just and simply.. beautiful.


-Clean work
-good style (simple but efficient)
-good choice of music, movement sticks with it
-Storyboard is good, visual rythm isn't bad (scene of the two dancing lovers is a bit clumsy though)

Seriously? this is good.

I'm a bit disappointed by the theme though. Theme of the afterlife and hope that "something exist after" isn't my cup of tea (i just believe it's a false hope, like promising a cake at the end of a mission... it's fishy). But hell, it was a good excuse for a good animation.

Truely something special

Really gave me a warm feeling. Noone should vote below 10. please....

loved it

everything about it was great, really touches you inside