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Reviews for "Afterliving"


I've always wanted to do a flash movie like this, but now there is no need to cause yours is brilliant. Excellent style, the images from the past and those quick collection of past memeories, all golden. Plus the soundtrack elevates the piece to another level, good choice in music. This is now number one on my Newgrounds favourites list.

soccerlord8 responds:

Number one, wow! Thanks...Just saw front page though...guess the Newgrounds crew thinks shooting zombies is more worthwhile.


I'm guessing it's a true story since you dedicated it to your family. Sorry for your loss (I'm pretty sure.. unless i missinturpretted it).

Great job.

soccerlord8 responds:

Actually, heh, this was more of a universal piece.


I have to say, I agre with the guy below. I know Primary school kids who can draw better than that, but the music was epic. And I liked the ending with the quote.

Simply amazing.

This is the first flash i have seen that was so deep. Possibly one of the best flashes have ever seen and the only one that has brought a tear to my eye. Excellent 11/10


Brilliant, nearly brought me to tears