Reviews for "BERSERK-a plot story"

If you love Berserk, youl love this.

Yea, this was pretty funny, all the characters were great, good stuff.


Though a fan of berserk, I don't think there is any room for comedy or parodies.

And the voice acting wasn't the greatest ;\

I rather stick with 'Cool' related things about Berserk, though it is good to see more of Berserk in the open!


U put berserk to shame dude altho i did enjoy the ending Death To 80"s He Man!!!!


So I had a cheap chuckle. I love Berserk. I know all the characters, have read up to volume 31. I enjoyed some of the fF7 music you threw in.

So I'll give you a moderate mark for it. But please, if you ever, ever submit another flash work on Berserk again that doesn't capture the seriousness, I'm going to have to stab you in the genitalia. And then twist the blade.

Thank you.


I love Berserk, but find Miura's sense of humor far more advanced than yours. Please say *spoiler warning* next time as well. Nice animation though - that part was good.