Reviews for "BERSERK-a plot story"


dude, thats all ive been looking for...random things...but the end part...when it it'l happen next time...it will probally be different...
and that convayer belt part...oh cool, marvin, the robot...10/10
5/5, also ur voice actings sounds british...yet ur name sez what it sez...lol


That was hilarious! I'm a huge Berserk fan, so that was really strange, wierd, and funny. Awesome job on the voices!

Bloody Funny!

I really Love Berserk and I can say that this is really good & really Funny. If you are interested in helping me plan a flash animated series 2 of the berserk anime.

My Aim is Skullgrin140
& My msn Is thedarkrodimus233@hotmail.co.uk.

Klausselhoff responds:

Thanks for the offer..but I'm currently too busy with part 2 of my berserk flash. If you're in need of "artistic" support, you should check out the creative section of www.skullknight.net/bbs. Hope to see your work around here soon.

((( AWSOME )))

Awsome story well i did like the story for the most part, the "ART" and animation was even better, lots of intense graphics aswell, i was very impressed....

Not much it was almost perfect if not perfect, make more though it would be awsome to see more...

A great flash great depth and detail, a must see, so check it out everyone...



I thought it was really well done!
The graphics and sound were really great .
And that part with Zodd and the skull knight was hilarious!!!
It rocks!