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Reviews for "FFstickBattle"



What i think.Main problem here is the ridiculous hits


The [New Game] and [Options} buttons both play the movie, so what's the point of them?

Otherwise, yeah its about four hours worth of good, which isnt saying much.

ForestXion responds:

i know they both play it =)

that sucked

it was just cloud and sepiroth slashing at eachother

ForestXion responds:

right on

You had to do it............

Why in the name of all that is holy, did you have to desecrate the name of Final Fantasy? The only good thing about this is that the hair stles were acurate. Thats all. BLAM!

ForestXion responds:

thats the last thing i would ever want to do so sorry if it disturbed you

Not bad!

Although I was cheering whilest Cloud was being beaten up...yes, I would have preferred it if Sephiroth had won at the end, but there wasn't anything insulting of any sort and eventually Sephiroth was defeated. With that said...

Great job! It could have done well with art that did not resemble stick figures, but I suppose it fit the purpose. Next time though, maybe you could make one where Sephiroth wins. *winkie*

ForestXion responds:

thanks ^^