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Reviews for "FFstickBattle"


That was very....bad !

Its Super nova not One winged angel


how dare you

wtf is wrong with you you said all the names of the attacks wrong and cloud is 10 time better then set

You killed FF7

That was the worst FF7 video ever you know what stick with playing it. next you will come back with another FF7 and you will bring sephroth back well you know what you killed FF7 way to go.

ForestXion responds:

no, i will come back with something nice =)


no wonder it was so boring... 4 hours?? you think that's a lot?? you obviously don't know what kind of work goes into decent submissions that take months to get a 4+ score. and you think 4 hours is a lot??? Also, try looking at it and figuring out what was actually funny about it, because that was too hard for me to do.

ForestXion responds:

4 hours is a lot of time in general. (never said otherwise) not that i ignore a good flash takes months to be done. Besides i've been working in a flash for some weaks now but i wanted to relax doing something else.
When i said funny i meant while making it cause of many stuff.
take care