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Reviews for "FFstickBattle"


id like to say... is suked like a bucket of tix....


i think seprioth would still live with 1 hp left :) then he'd go PSYCHOWTFPWNTLOL style on cloud :D

Wowza! ^-^

Once again... good flash. Better than FF hentai!!!!! Final Fantasy is cool so added points. You are my new favorite artist. From drawing Contest to this, FREAKIN' GOOD FLASHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bows to you*

ForestXion responds:


Haha...good one.

I liked it. Good theme (even if it is overused), and I like FF7. Great job, man. Could be worse definitely but it could also be better. Reason is...I just love FF7 lol. It's not one of the bestest flashes I've ever seen, but I have a liking to this one. Once again, great job, man.

ForestXion responds:

lol... woot
go watch my final mog flash =P


Sry, I'm not a negative person, but I'm really curious how this is getting such nice reviews. You seem pretty lazy. The animations were crappy, the movie - boring, and the only thing that looked good... their hair. :P

ForestXion responds:

well i like it.. lol
i mean it's simple but the point is that it .. o well
nvm ima go eat some snacks =D