Reviews for "Interviews in Hell"


U did an excellent job with this movie im tired of all the crapfest ones (me being one who posts them) its a good work very funny and nice backgrounds and remember dont be an asshole

Haha! That is just so funny!

I loved the Balthor one, and now this one is even better! I can't wait for more, this just rules. It's so funny! What does coffee taste like?


Really, perhaps the best thing in the portal! Submissions like this are what NG was made for! It's great to see you put a lot of work into what you're doing and craft something that is just hilarious but also stylish. You have made me a fan...oh and you're last movie was great too!

Matzerath rules!!!!

Every single movie made by this guy kicks ass!!!

i love your work

there is a reson all your work gets 10 from everyone basicly. and videos like this is why