Reviews for "Interviews in Hell"

funny movie but ur not right

assholes can go to heaven also. Our works alone cannot get us into heaven.. Jesus Christ's blood and dying for our sins is the only way to get to heaven. So the job is already done, u just believe in that and you are saved.. simple.

that should only be 1st step in christianity though. God is a fair but loving God. Hates sin, but loves us. So he sent his son to save mankind. . Thats the gospel right there


That was pretty good. I enjoyed it. Good stuff.

thats was awesome

he's waiting for me *heavy breathing* AHHHHH


That was really good. I like what you do, keep up the good work.

hahahaha thats great

"the small enclosed space with a fat guy who has horrible gas hell"
HaHa thats one kickass piece of flash.