Reviews for "Interviews in Hell"


this is pretty cool and i a chistin this stuff culed be true what happens in hell


You havn't offended anyone(except strobe lightlover's) and you have included a bit of religion, and some truth at the end.


"Don't be an asshole" thats some funny shit

HaHa nice 1!

This was nice, very funny, i had the feelin the animation was a bit slow maybe u can speed it up a little, but that doesn't matter, it was great =DDD...

ok and now to Lasoongney below me: ok, why is he full of religous bullshit? and why is he wasting his life on a false icon if he believes its true (and i believe it too cos im a christian), why are u even gettin so mad? it's like u r afraid of us, are u afraid that we are right? who the fuck are u to call what is true and what isn't, and who are u to judge us?

i am sorry that i put all that into the rewiew but i just wanted to say something to this guy, but anyway, great movie and keep up the great work =D

Shut up

Shut up mystic, you're full of religious bullshit. Stop wasting your life on a false icon. I liked this cartoon by the way.