Reviews for "Interviews in Hell"


its a lie its not tht easy 2 stay out of hell

Good, 4 Me 2 Poop On.

Thats A Good Message 2 Get Across. But I Get Board Some Times. Sorry, But Not Really.

just like balthor says

dont be an assehole... if you are ill laugh at you when you die. no seriously, enjoy the time you have left!!!


The Devil is real. So is Hell. And now, he's got some new ideas to kick around; thanks to this short! And, despite the good advice at the end, you know a buttload of people are going to end up in Hell anyway! Is it wrong for finding this short funny? Hell no!

Good one

This was cool

The graphics were really lame
The animation was okay
The sounds were fair
The violence was nice
The humour is where it's at and it delivers

Great job