Reviews for "linkin prk kem 2 my house"


Everything from linkin park is the best!!! But did they really come to youre house? ^.^ I hope can come to my house to! LOL But make more about linkin park!! YAY!!!!


Hey... is that David Firth under a pseudonuym? I'm checking fat-pie after writing this, because I think it is. His voice is too recognisable, since he's from t'north.

That was fucking hilarious, although it sort of tailed off to the end. The animation was crap, but could have been more realistically bad, its obviously a piss take and not just some bad animation.

Man, people are slow. ITS DAVID FIRTH, FFS. Probably. Maybe not. I dunno!


That made me roll up in stitches lol nice one.

I love you!

Haha, that was one of the funniest videos I have seen in a while. Make more!

that was funny

bah dont listen to those fags, its just for a laugh so give him a break f*ck, if u cant laugh over this then wtf are u on this site for:S sorry to tell u its not all blood guts and sex u internet perverts