Reviews for "linkin prk kem 2 my house"


I think the best part was the voice acting. The squeaky English voice was great, and better than that was the lack of rhythm in which you spoke. The graphics and animation (and spelling) were bad, but I doubt I could have enjoyed it if they had been any better. The demographic you're describing is portrayed perfectly. Insta-10.


I remember watching this once when I was younger, and going "WTF is wrong with this guy? This sucks horribly!"
But now I see the error of my ways. It is pretty damn funny.


This is why we invented flash! To create awesome shit!! YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! Baggins approves!


Way to almost make me laugh and wake up my family. Really funny stuff there.


This wasn't too bad. The art and animation wern't the best, that's for sure. I think what really made this interesting is the narrator. The off the wall style of that voice was really quite captivating.
Overall, a really original flashwork.