Reviews for "linkin prk kem 2 my house"

This is too funny to be true!

This is a perfect example of better graphics don't ruin the humor or make a better animation! Good stuff!


Absolutely hilarious! I like Brad's comment on your drawing/photo. Also, your grandad looks like Heihachi!

funny and retarded

well worth it man....keep up the funny work

I r8 Liek it

hey I thing dat is r8 unfer an becuz i am amernican an i relly leiked an i no the humore an i get it

diz is an relly good film an r8 smrt so 10
an jerry nose disney secrits an he is an he nose dem so 10
i had a dog 1ns an i ken rel8 to dis so !0
but jerry u ned 2 improv ur styles an stuff so 8

if u donet liek it its becuz
ur gay

Really, this is so awesome for a Linkin Park fan.

Well, i am just so awesome at the Linkin Park animation.
This was kinda amazing when i watched this because i am also a Linkin Park fan.

I kinda listen to their music as well.
This is so awesome for a Linkin Park fan because how awesome Linkin Park is.

For a reason, i am just kinda one of the coolest Linkin Park fans.
I wish Newgrounds made a Music collection for awesome bands like Linkin Park.

This is going in my favorites. :D