Reviews for "Megaman's Anniversary"

Megaman is 15

The movie was great... but megaman is now celebrating his 15th anniversary. They celebrated the 10th with the release of Megaman 8. They recently celebrated the 15th with a rerelease of 1-8 on ps2 and gamecube.
Now that i'm done bitching/correcting. Awesome flash! I really really enjoyed it! The hand drawn parts(i think atleast) were really good. Air-Man crying was fantastic.

Quimera responds:

We know, read the description above, this is just about what happened on the 10th anniversary though...thanks anyway

Oh my god...!!!!!!

Man you can really do some flash... how long did it take to do diss??
anyway exellent animations!!

Quimera responds:

I don't know exactly how much time cause I gave myself really long breaks. . . but you could say it was a about 3 weeks or a bit more.

megaman rox!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

dude mm totally pwned those robot masters, but 4 what? yknow i think that this flash is great, and i like it as much as the next person,but I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON BECAUSE I COULDNT UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY WERE SAYING!!!!11111111111 >.< please remake it in english.

Quimera responds:

but but but it has subtitles!!! If you couldn't see the subtitles you must install flash 8!!!!

awsome!!! <)

very good. very CUTE!!! i love it!! thogh, you could make them talk in english. and you're pretty overeacted whith megaman's foolishness...

Does have some funny jokes

I'm just giving you a 10 for your excellent drawings of the robot masters. And I thought that Dr, Light would say that the perfect robot was Mega Man X.