Reviews for "Megaman's Anniversary"

Fantastic parody

This isn't real blue boomer.He isn't that evil.But this parody is good-shaped.KEEP IT UP!!1


Chock full of Megaman hllarity!


Think you can do one with the Megaman Battlenetwork Chracters?
Go on...I'll be waiting for something like it...

A great quality movie

Everything here showed a lot of quality and effort. I truly enjoy MegaMan hand drawn animations and this is one of the best. Some parts were funny and others not as much, but that didn't change how I feel about the movie. Great work and keep more comming
PS: the sound and voice acting was great, I understand what you were looking for wih the japanese voices and you achieved that, don't worry about the people who can't get pass that.

Very funny

It's very funny, altough the voices are Japenese. Just make it a little longer. Then it's perfect.

this was hilarious

this was really funny, even if the voices were japaneese. The cool part was when protoman started whistling lol. make more megaman movies