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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "Megaman's Anniversary"

Whoa... a Terryaki recipe? Brilliant!

Funny how he ended up being a flaw! I personally think Dr Light got more than what he barganned for in a good way. Anyway, to anyone who thinks this isn't yours or flames this for being in Japanese, that's racist, especially the one who gave this a three. Is it wrong for Americans to know Japanese? No. Is Japanese language in flash so wrong? Well... when it's not translated, then that's possible. Anyway, great job. The animations were perfect and you portrayed Megaman's will to destroy any robot just for existing or making a sound perfectly. Seriously, he's very hot-headed. Honestly, the only reason Mets attack him is because they're afraid he'll kill them if they don't. He does tend to take things too far. Brilliant. I love how he punched Blues/Protoman for whistling a Megaman tune.

awsome!!! <)

very good. very CUTE!!! i love it!! thogh, you could make them talk in english. and you're pretty overeacted whith megaman's foolishness...


Mega man is a real dick, isn't he?


Well this was impressive, im not much a fan of megaman but this presnted it well, and well put together, even though the file was abit large it still had some nice value about it and thats why i kept watching it, well heres for 10 hehe, anyways nice work, keep it up...

Not much it was very well put together...

A tribute of 10 years of mm...


Whee! Japanese nit-pick time!

Well, its was pretty good, but I do have to nitpick on your Japanese. Myself, I've only been schooled in it for three months, but I learned it in Japan. My vocabulary isn't particularly expansive, but my comprehension was necessary for my survival.

When Megaman says "Dare mo?" after blasting Cutman, it would have been better as "Dare mo ka?" which makes it into a question, and is still plenty tough-sounding and intimidating. (The proper form would be "Dare mo desuka?"). Just basic little things like that were all I found wrong.

Your pronounciation and speed were okay for a Gaijin, but I wouldn't throw this in front of a native speaker too soon. I remember me and some Japanese sitting next to me were making fun of the obviously un-japanese person who was reading the intructions on the plane home...[/pointless rant]