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Reviews for "Megaman's Anniversary"

Japanese > English

All that needs to be said.

This flash sucks balls.

Why are the characters speaking Japanese instead of English??? They're supposed to speak English. You can't put in Japanese voice acting in Newgrounds.

lol, cutman got pwned...

I love how it's in somewhat japanese, which only made me enjoy more, I love the sound of the japanese language. LOl cutman is my favorite robot master... This brought many great memories . seeing all those evil robots lol megaman as a tyant. Lol, keep up the good work!

That was a megajerk

Well, the graphics were really cool, the sound was great, humor... well... the only part i smiled was when megaman destroyed cutman and its head made a replica of the david on a tree. Good work, but sorry it wasnt good at all.


i laughed like crazy when everybody got scared of megaman...lol....i liked the graphics...it was awesome keep up the good work!