Reviews for "Megaman's Anniversary"

Wee anniversary

Loved the anniversary celebration. Was a real humour to see megaman making his speech infront of all his past defeated opponents then finding out that he was an error of creation :P Keep up the good work and hope to see more different types of anniversaries by your group.

Few minor Errors aside this was a good flash

10th year anniversary? Unless you mean not counting the Megaman X games your wrong. its 17 years now. Mega man 1 being out in 1988. But if you mean the original Megaman games then yeah 10 years is about right

and as for the Japanese voices. Japanese is a beautiful language and is far better for showing emotion then English.

bring it with broccoli

i think he did a pretty good job with the voices. i can't understand japanese but i watch a lot of subtitled shows... and this was horrible or anything. kinda added something i think.

keep on keeping on.

Why Japanese!?!?!

Why did you have to use japanese? I actually can understand so It was a bit annoying to hear megaman talking like the way he is. I'm sure if you would have done it in english it would have been X1000 time better! The dialog would have been way more interesting too!
next time ask some japanese friend to do it for you at least!

I think thats Too bad. Know your limit :)

oh but that aside good luck in continuing learning japanese ! I know its tough! I lived there for a year before and I'm still very far of being fluent as much I would like to be!

A little different, but very good nonetheless.

Wow, another hit from Quimera, even though with this name youve only had a couple. I have liked you guys for a while now, before Mixed in Balamb for sure. Well from such good authors you expect good submissions, and this definitely lived up to my expectations. And i will say congrats on another successful movie, i hope you can continue to get even better. Here is my review.

The graphics were awesome, just what id expect from you guys. It almost seems since you changed your name that your graphics have improved or maybe its just me. But either way the drawings were great, its good to see you still have your style put into it. The detail was good as usual, nicely used. The backrounds were great, sometimes they lacked some depth and detail however. The animation was really impressive though. It was often quite smooth, and just plain cool to look at. The style of this movie was awesome as well. I liked your animating style, and there were some more reasons why i liked style. The idea is very good actually. Usually to show someone's appreciation for something, they do it in "tribute" form. You did this as if megman was having a party or soemthing and i found that quite cool. Very nice sound too, everything worked together nicely. Great voice acting, even if it was in japanese. Good sounds and music.

Overall this was another great movies from you guyz. You got soem talent and im glad that hasnt gone unnoticed on this site. Well i hope you can keep it up!
~Two Thumbs Way Up! 5/5

Quimera responds:

Thanks man, it's good to hear people not whining for insignificant stuff like 'my hero megaman was offended' and that you actually did analyze the movie. thanks