Reviews for "Megaman's Anniversary"

Does have some funny jokes

I'm just giving you a 10 for your excellent drawings of the robot masters. And I thought that Dr, Light would say that the perfect robot was Mega Man X.

really great job

the artwork is superb...really funny 2

I hope 2 see much more of your work

10/10 & 5/5


This was so freaking funny! I like the part when protoman was singing his theme! X-)


Too funny.
Great job.

I will want to know where you found the toune Stage Select of
Megaman 4

It is too good.

Quimera responds:

You won't find it anywhere, Rodrigo (from toonimated) played the song. Go check some of his stuff at rodrigo.sheezyart.com, you'll find some interesting stuff there

very good

good vid i enjoyed but he was too arrogant. protoman zero and bass should come and whoop his ass.