Reviews for "Megaman's Anniversary"

Great job!

When Protoman came up, i laughed so hard


poor airman...

good w/mistake

Great video, except you translated "Bakka" as "Fool" when it really means "Idiot"

Not bad

The artwork sure is superb. Congratulations for all your animation. You rock at it, truly.
But there are two flaws to this animation. First one, the voice acting, especially of Megaman, is a little... weak. And, well, (I think I'm gonna be hunted by saying this) but I thought the humour is a little... weak, too. Everyone who reviewed before me liked it, but I, at least, think that the jokes are not all that funny.
But, well, you sure can make a damm good artwork. Keep it u, dood.

That was great!

I laughed ^.^