Reviews for "Megaman's Anniversary"

I love Megaman!

This was an awesome piece of work I loved it. And to that last guy don't be a racist fucker, it was in Japanese because maybe.. the creator is from Japan? moron...

Quimera responds:

nah I ain't japanese, yet Megaman is a Japanese character so, I like wanted to give it an extra, more originally based touch to the characters so I used japanese. I guided every character on the original NES artwork so, I felt its original language should also be used.

BTW, I'm mexican :P

why the fuck was this in japanese?

the japanese thing sucked monley balls, but the rest was good..

friggen swee!

loved it!especially since its megaman!nice work here!cant wiat for more!

--Wicked Biscuits

megaman rox!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

dude mm totally pwned those robot masters, but 4 what? yknow i think that this flash is great, and i like it as much as the next person,but I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON BECAUSE I COULDNT UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY WERE SAYING!!!!11111111111 >.< please remake it in english.

Quimera responds:

but but but it has subtitles!!! If you couldn't see the subtitles you must install flash 8!!!!

not bad

that was pretty good. Thats all I gotta say.