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Reviews for "Murder Machine"


I'm really considering using this in an RTS i'm making for Xbox and PC (with microsoft XNA game studios). It'd be appropriate for when one army is bombing the fuck out of the other. If you don't mind, if I'm using this for my game, i'm going to cut off the beginning up to right after "alright, who wants some?", and add a small brass buildup for the first 2 measures to fit the game. I'm composing most of my game music, but i'm branching out to find other composers to feature as well. This song is probably going in, and you'll be credited.

About the song now... It's nicely equalized, the melody is badass, and the drums are hardcore. I have no complaints.

"alrighty.... who wants some?"

sick! sounds like something off an insane spy movie, loving it!


The review heading really does say it all, but...

I'm not really much to review the electronics of this piece but I do think I have the right to say that the musicality of this track is very well done. Great, dark, slow creeping intro, a break and then a a massive burst of energy. I like how you blended the melody into the bass line; it created a very nice effect. The small break halfway through was also very good.

Amazing sounding rease btw.

now thats dark

also liked the evil dead sample my fav movie :3