Reviews for "Apparition"

I still can't believe that you do these on ms-paint!

Carrion responds:

Maybe I can upload some speed paints to convince you!

I'm lovin' your use of marks and texture here - everywhere I look there's a new pattern hiding that looks nicer than the last.

Awesome job! Would love to see you exercise this texture-rich style in other upcoming work.
Also, featured you on the Art Portal twitter page. :3

Carrion responds:

Thank you so much! I do love myself some texture.

I love the vibe this piece generates, and the colors are made so interesting with all of the designs within them.
It really is amazing how much detail you've included, especially working in MS Paint!
Great work!

Carrion responds:

<3 <3 <3

A fantastic piece, saw this and immediately went through all of your submissions. I really enjoy the running themes and characters in your work. definitely in my favorites. (also curious if your a fan of neil gaiman)

Carrion responds:

I was into Gaiman in my early years of comic book nerdery.

Very enigmatic. Makes you imagine things about what could be going on, and what's the meaning of it all.