Reviews for "Apparition"

I still can't believe that you do these on ms-paint!

Carrion responds:

Maybe I can upload some speed paints to convince you!

My word, MS Paint. A program that I can barely manage to form a wonky line on. Even that generates difficulty and frustration, haha. :P
I'm especially drawn to the way you've painted the collections of cloud and fog beneath the figures, the flame from the torch and the vertical pattern/motif attiring the dark robe of the deathly figure on the left. This must have taken bags of patience. For that, I highly commend this piece. Quite rightly featured, too.

Carrion responds:

Believe it or not, Paint is an extremely versatile program once you sell your soul to the looming bird god Althyughachkmatragh of the third sky ether.

Wow its beautiful! I' could definitely use this as my desktop background.

It Looks More Like The Grim Reaper,But Great Drawing!5/5

You made this in ms paint? WHAT!??!?!?!?