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Reviews for "Chris Rock Boxing"


I have play alot of the boxing games here on this site this is one of the easier ones I have palyed. You should have made it a little harder.

YoinK responds:

yea, it was a very basic tell target commanding game.. next time.. if there is a next time. I'll try colision detection. Making the right difficulty can be difficult.


Not amazin but still decent, was to easy to beat him. U jus keep pressin left an right hook


you cant do that chris rock! well neway, i mean if u were gonna do it to him at least do him justice with a 1/2 decent game, i cant believe this piece of crap got 3.7 wateva out of 5, ahhh forget it that sucked

Jesus H. Christ on a bike

That was gayer than christmas. Please flush that shit down the toilet

Good job

I didn't like one of your movies so I wanted to see if you really did suck. I actually had some fun w/ this game. It was too short and too easy though. I would really like to see a sequal.