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Reviews for "Chris Rock Boxing"

Thank you!

You have fulfilled my dreams of knocking the tar out of that annoying little punk!

pretty good

it was a gr8 game i enjoyed it keep up with the great work

just like the classic game!

who is it that you play in the classic one... puff daddy isnt it?! haha, well this was some pretty cool stuff!
once again you've combined a game with a movie, except this time with more GAME :P haha.
fighting Chris Rock was a good idea, and it turned out really well. good amount of gaming, good controls, and a whole lotta fun! well done!

Very Easy

It was a very easy game that only involved button mashing, more than one level is always good though. Punching sound effects wernt bad either.

YoinK responds:

this is my 3rd game i think.

reptetive and not enough to do

Well Im afraid Im not going to lie to you on this Yoink, thos was a poor boxing game unfortunately :(
First off the graphics were very poor and the photograph cut-out heads on celebrity boxing games is just so ugly and unoriginal its not funny anymore, couldnt you draw Chris' face yourself? Or were you just too lazy so you had to place on an ugly photo head instead? The 'find Chris' sounded ncie at first but it wasnt so much 'find' him, more like ' sit there borrd whilst the game taks you round on rails'. It would have been more exciting if you could actually move aorund and find him yourself instesd of the computer automaticly doing it, out of those 4 missions on the play screen you could actually only do 1 of them - fight Chris.
and even then it wasnt so much a fight, more like button bashing repeatdly. It was so easy and repetetive to win and you really should sort out the collision detection here. I liked the way chris looked worse and worse after mroe hits but the blood was just terribly drawn.
Overall very dissapointing game, there just isnt enough to do here and there are a lot of opportunities wasted. Once again sorry :(

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YoinK responds:

it's old, i never heard of colision detection yet.