Reviews for "Cry in a Window"

Very cool, what really impressed me were the colors awesome vintage style.

xxAiRo responds:


Nice colors, brah. Great lighting, too... er, shading, er, whatever the hell ya wanna call it, I dunno. Looks great, anyways!

xxAiRo responds:

I guess the right term would be coloring.
but thanks for commenting~

my bro said thanks for making it for him or is it?

xxAiRo responds:

Unless you're Cry's little brother, this wasn't a commission.

*Puts hands on my hips* How and when did you get here Cry?
XD now I have to go check the window BRB!!!
(This is a great piece of art work!!)

When im alone in my room i love to draw and this is the position i make.
BTW, Great work. The shading and the colours are in perfect match. Good job ^^