Reviews for "Bitclock Interview"

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Wheres the plot? Youve got everything else in the bag but no plot. Nice try, but work a little harder and i'll see you back in the portal.

Perfection. Truly.

This movie is so true and now one of my favorites ps. reply to this review and I will love you long time

Koalaclock responds:

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

He did?

Maybe I should go next door and ask Pineapple... *glances back*
*runs away upon noticing what seems to be a gun*


Pineapple gave him the clockcrew.

Good graphics by the way, for such a short toon

Not too bad

The graphics were pretty impressive, im finding your clock charcter doesnt have the electronic voice the others had, but it didnt ruin it, just threw me off a little bit. It was a tad too short for an interview, and could've used more than pineapple gave it too me, but all in all an awesome flash, just work on your scripting;)

Koalaclock responds:

Its all about the dead-pan k! :O <3