Reviews for "As If The Night Is Gone"

As usual, excellent.

I really do applaud your ability to put depth into each song you make. Awe-inspiring and breath-taking are some of the few words I have for this song, along with all others. I especially like the guitar in this one. Thanks for sharing your songs to Newgrounds, MMD. =)

MilkMan-Dan responds:

In short... thankyou for leaving many reviews. :) I read them all u know.


you are excellent at this. my heart aches. i can't describe my feelings to you except in the tears i am shedding right now. never lose hope you will be a artist i now you will.


man ur messed up


Beautiful, as always

how do you make these songs? what kinda program do you use? Or do you use one?

it seems like if a boy seen a hot chick then the next day you never see her again