Reviews for "a dog named BEN"


Wow, Jerry Jackson, you are either a really stupid kid with alot of free time or a freakin comic genius. U Ownz, bro. And I wish to steal your accent.

Please have my children.

Jerry Jackson's A Genius

Well after watching your Linkin Park cartoon I had to check out your other work and I'm glad that I did. Your stuff is so random and right in line with my sense of humor, especially the Spiderman cat >.<

Your the awesomnestest

Again i laughed my arse off....

U rock jerry. This animation is one of the besteds of ur wrks. i liek it alot it is the lolzordz, uve even got me usin ur language at skool wiv my m8's and they sed i do a gud impression of u lolz. Plz respond to this, u responded to the pisshead who sed "matt 757 u suck" as the titel for their reveiw and i wuld just like u to respond to me coz u r a legends. i will not stop luvin u if u don't, i luvs u 2 mmuches. i wana see more! do more more more! if im annyin tell me 2 shut up plz :)

My God

you gotta love it, jerry jackson is Either a genius or a Mad man... anyway his flashmovies are great and i hope Disney hire him :P


Now this is awesome. It's in an unproffessional style, which along with the grammar and ranodomness of the story makes the whole thing funny,