Reviews for "a dog named BEN"

I admit this was good for a quick laugh. The best part was probably the cat fight. Well, the cat and dog fight. I guess you could say it was both. Anyway, this was pretty fun as far as these cartoons go. It helps that they're not too long.

It's a weird way of using capitalization. Well, these were never meant to be formal cartoons. I can't say anything to improve it. It's meant to be like this. I'm sure you are the same as David Firth.

when will people learn....

not as good as your linkn park one but still amuzing...and hopfully soon people will realize that the misspellings are intentional..jesus crist people...cmon...well good stuff man


lolololol that was so funny

that is really, really funny! :P


(Note: I know this is supposed to be poor, I'm still rating this based on what I see). I saw what you were trying to do
; you were tryign to make your animation poor and in turn make us laugh. Well, you did one out of two. This flash was ery hard for me to watch, the voice was extremely annoying (get a better actor perhaps), the story is quite confusing, and I just watched it but can only remember a bit of it. Plus, the graphics actually weren't too bad (better than the terrible artists you were impersonating anyway).


yhis is really bad. the graphics r horrible. u probaly bribed tom or something to get such a high score. u need to work harder on the animation.