Reviews for "a dog named BEN"


First off Cute dog and art, the very simple "ART" and "COLOS" made it pleasent and entertaining, The funny characters like the two guys and the laughing dude was funny haha, i love the humor, also liked how you used full colo even in the backrounds, anyways good funny flash you have here, keep it up...



ur mi h3-row

your reeeeallly weird

but somehow you have hypnotized me into thinking your funny.
your dog iz koul!
yay b3n

Messed up Film

Interesting made it seem as though a little kid made this which made it pretty Humorous.

crude but good

This is one of those flashes that should not be funny but oddly it is. It reminds me of the early southparks (that was crude in quality as well on purpous)... I don't know how you do it but keep them coming